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we connect you with lenders to help grow your socially responsible initiative or enterprise

Many socially responsible enterprises may not qualify for a standard bank loan because of their lack of collateral or the collective nature of their endeavour. Vidar Foundation helps worthy projects through loan financing based on a number of criteria, including a sound business plan, an established track record of success, a guarantee community or other nontraditional collateral, and preferably a group of supporting individuals working together on the project. Most importantly, however, we promote success and manage risk by establishing a direct personal relationship with the borrowers, whom we are willing to support because we believe in the worthiness of their project and their ability to succeed.

We look forward to hearing from you! All inquiries are kept in confidence.

Use this form for initial inquiries, or if you have already been contacted in person and invited to make an application, please use the Loan Application Form below.

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Loan Application Form

First Contact

Nicolas Heintz, Treasurer

(705) 279-2357

Trevor Janz, Co-Chair,

(250) 352-1208

Ingrid Belenson, Board Chair

(905) 709-4664

Mailing Address

1906 South Orr Lake Rd., Elmvale,  ON  L0L 1P0