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put your money to good use by helping a socially responsible initiative or enterprise to prosper

Interested in lending to socially responsible initiatives and organizations on terms that will allow them to grow and prosper?


Looking to make a tax deductible donation to help worthwhile cultural and economic initiatives prosper?

Please fill out our Quick Inqury form and our representative will contact you shortly to answer your questions and find out if you are a good fit for Vidar Foundation. 

If you have already had the conversation with Vidar and are ready to make a loan you can complete the Make a Loan or Donation Application below.

Quick Inquiry about Loans and Donations

Use this form to make a quick inquiry about how to make a loan or charitable donation to a worthwhile social enterprise or initiative through Vidar Foundation.


Make a Loan or Donation Application

If you are ready to go ahead and make a loan or charitable donation to Vidar Foundation please complete this form. 

First Contact

Trevor Janz, Co-Chair

(250) 352-1208

Ingrid Belenson, Board Chair

(905) 709-4664

Nicolas Heintz, Treasurer

(705) 279-2357

Mailing Address

1906 South Orr Lake Rd., Elmvale,  ON  L0L 1P0