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future focused lending

connecting lenders with borrowers needing capital to grow socially responsible initiatives and enterprises

For Philanthropists

Looking to make a tax deductible donation to help worthwhile cultural and economic initiatives prosper?

For Social Ventures

Needing to borrow on favourable terms for your existing socially responsible venture or organization?

For Lenders

Interested in lending to socially responsible initiatives and organizations or terms that will allow them to grow and prosper?

Cultural Initiatives

We help fund cultural initiatives and organizations associated inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, such as Waldorf schools, Biodynamics farms and the Christian Community.

Social Ventures

We help social enterprises, organic and biodynamic farms, community supported agriculture, co-operatives, cooperative housing, social venture initiatives to find the funding that they require on good terms.

Join our Organization

We are always interested in hearing from people who are interested in supporting our work with their time and expertise. Contact us to apply for a volunteer board positions or associate/advisory position. 


About Vidar Foundation

The Vidar Foundation is a registered Canadian charity which connects individuals wishing to use their money in positive ways with borrowers needing money to grow socially responsible enterprise.  We facilitate investment in sustainable agriculture, education, health, cooperatives, and other areas. Vidar foundation is administered by a board of directors inspired by the socioeconomic ideas of Rudolf Steiner.

Current Projects 

Okanagan Early Years Centre

The Bridge Educational Society had established the K-8 Okanagan Waldorf School and turned to Vidar Foundation to help finance its next project, an Early Years Center in the North Okanagan community in British Columbia. When fully operational the Early Years Centre will provide 63 much-needed spaces for infants, preschoolers and school-aged children.

South Shore Waldorf School

The South Shore Waldorf School in Nova Scotia had been renting a century old school house on a beautiful property with a large green space and wooded area since 2001. The school began to grow and in 2013 they were given the opportunity of purchasing the property. Vidar Foundation was able to offer them the first mortgage     at a favorable interest rate.  All this was made possible due to a lender who gave his loan interest free and through the dedication and hard work of the school community.

Halton Waldorf High School

Halton Waldorf School in Burlington, Ontario started a Kindergarten with 16 children in 1984. Every year a grade was added until the Grade school (1-8) was complete. In 2000 they opened their present beautiful building on a large forested property in Burlington. Vidar Foundation provided mortgage financing so the school could acquire land and build a green, sustainable designed building on a nearby property to house an adjunct campus and be the future home for a highschool.

Community focused Capital

How We Work

We focus on working together as a community, investing in what is of human value to make a balanced financial profit, social benefit, and healthy cultural life.

We promote success and manage risk by establishing a direct personal relationship with the lenders and borrowers, whom we are willing to support because we believe in the worthiness of their project and their ability to succeed.

With Vidar Foundation you can safely use your savings to help the world heal.

Some Past Projects

Ottawa Waldorf School

The school needed a two classroom  extension to accommodate the early childhood  programme. We suggested forming a “pledge community” in which all parents and friends of the school  could participate, by the parents pledging whatever they could over three years and friends lending the funds against these pledges. Within a year the new classrooms were used to their capacity as enrollment increased considerately. Within three years all moneys were returned to the lenders.

La Grande Ourse Toy Store

In 2006 the toy store, La Grande Ourse in Montreal, had to find a new home. 

The store provides a wide range of wooden and soft toys, workshops for parents and puppet shows for children, as well as children’s books and anthroposophical literature. A two storey building was purchased with the help and support of the local community. The ground floor houses the store while the upper floor is rented out for various cultural activities.

When bridge money was needed, Vidar Foundaton was able to extend a loan secured via several loan guarantees.

Sunnivue Farm

Sunnivue Farm was converted to a biodynamic-organic agricultural and dairy farm. Their farm store offers a variety of products and presently the farm also has a herd of water buffalo. When living quarters needed to be enlarged, a dedicated group of people who actively support ROSE and Sunnivue and a loan from Vidar Foundation helped to transform a rough attic storage space into a comfortable living space for an additional farmer. The loan was secured through loan guarantees.

Walk with us to the future

Investment that is highly social and supportive of initiative takers; and initiative takers that are responsible to the needs of the community can help us move into a healthy and sustainable social future.



Many socially responsible enterprises may not qualify for a standard bank loan because of their lack of collateral or the collective nature of their endeavour. Vidar Foundation helps worthy projects through loan financing based on a number of criteria, including a sound business plan, an established track record of success, a guarantee community or other nontraditional collateral, and preferably a group of supporting individuals working together on the project. Most importantly, however, we promote success and manage risk by establishing a direct personal relationship with the borrowers, whom we are willing to support because we believe in the worthiness of their project and their ability to succeed.


Tuition Loan Program

In conjunction with the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto (RSCT) and the West Coast Institute for Studies in Anthroposophy (WCI) this one-year pilot project (2020-21) offers no-interest loans to students to cover tuition and other expenses associated with becoming a Waldorf teacher or Waldorf early childhood educator through RSCT and WCI. Loans will be secured through community co-signers and will be repayable over a five year period following graduation. Providing interest-free loans should make these Waldorf vocational courses more accessible leading to higher enrolments at RSCT and WCI, and an increased number of course graduates available for hire by Waldorf schools and childcare centres.

Ingrid Belenson, Board Chair

(905) 709-4664

Trevor Janz, Co-Chair,

(250) 352-1208

Nicolas Heintz, Treasurer

(705) 279-2357

Mailing Address

1906 South Orr Lake Rd., Elmvale,  ON  L0L 1P0

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